5 of the best “hugot lines” from the latest Jollibee ad

    By now, you’ve probably seen Jollibee’s latest campaign titled “Perfect Pairs.” The heartwarming video clip has instantly captured the hearts of netizens amassing over 3 million views and more than 130,000 shares in less than a day.

    5 of the best “hugot lines” from the latest Jollibee ad

    Just like its previous campaign “The Vow,” Jollibee didn’t fail to send netizens to tears with its new ad. After all, the video campaign has the perfect recipe to go viral- a hugot-filled love story that almost everyone can relate with.

    We’ve all been friendzoned at least once in our lives. Here are some of the lines from the viral Jollibee ad that touched the “sawi” in us.

    1. “Naalala ko best friends na tayo. Pero sabi ko sa sarili ko. ‘He’s the One’.”

    Jollibee new ad hugot

    We’ve all had that first hopia moment that made us believe in forever.

    2. “Hindi ko rin malilimutan noong una mo siyang nakita. At that moment, alam kong I wasn’t the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.”

    Jollibee new ad hugot

    Until b*tch slapped you with the cold hard truth…

    3. “Mahal na mahal mo siya. Kaya tanggap ko na. I’ll always be ‘just your friend’.”

    Jollibee new ad hugot

    That you were just friendzoned. #araykobes #kaibiganlangpala

    4. “Pero pinangako ko that I will still be your friend. I will always support you. I will be there whenever you need me.”

    Jollibee new ad hugot

    But we all know Martyr ang peg mo…

    5. “Minsan pala kung maghihintay ka lang. Darating din ang perfect para sa’yo.”

    Jollibee new ad hugot

    Good thing Jollibee knows we all deserve a happy ending.

    -- Mini, The Summit Express

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