WATCH: KFC searches for first Pinoy Colonel in new viral ad

MANILA, Philippines - In a new advertisement by KFC Philippines, the hunt for the Pinoy version of the iconic Colonel Sanders has been rolled out. And so far, three veteran actors from the Philippine showbusiness have already answered to the call - Ronaldo Valdez, Leo Martinez and Pen Medina.

KFC searches for first Pinoy Colonel in new viral ad
Photo Credit: Screengrab from KFC Philippines Facebook video.
Set-up in a way that looks like the actors are coming in to film a test screen for the role, each and every one of them imbibes what they think a local Colonel Sanders would be. First up in the video is Valdez who, actually has an uncanny resemblance in looks with the famed KFC logo man. The detail did not miss the actor as he goofily posed side by side a KFC bucket with Sanders’ face on it to prove a point.

Valdez, on the other hand, brought out his Batangueno accent and charm (which he is known for) while Medina hilariously thought that he was auditioning for a historical movie where he would play an actual Colonel. The clip runs about 2-mins with all of their actors trying their best to impress the judges - in which case, almost feels like the audience. Needless to say, the bit was hilarious and has picked up the interest of millions of Pinoys who have seen the video.

The new commercial that is now going rounds online has been seen by countless netizens, most of them were fascinated with the new gimmick. In Facebook alone, the video already has 2.2 million views, 107 thousand likes, almost 50 thousand shares and 10 thousand comments.

What is interesting is that it does not seem like KFC is debuting a new product to amplify their marketing campaign by dropping an innovative ad. It appears that the video was nothing but a new spin to the boring, repetitive and cliched TVC that are dominating the advertising world.

It is unknown whether the clip stands on its own as a promotional material or it is part of what could be a long-running series of videos with actors and possibly other public personalities trying to audition for the role. If it is the latter, however, it will be a wonder who else will be stepping into Colonel Sanders’ white suit and try to make an impression of him. According to the ad, it is expected that by May 29, the announcement of the new and first Pinoy Colonel will be announced.

Watch the viral video.

-- Ana, The Summit Express

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