Meet the 'pambansang oppa' whose parody of Goblin’s Gong Yoo is very much on-point

    MANILA, Philippines – The sudden renaissance of the Korean drama wave in the Philippines has converted new fans and brought back old ones to the genre. Regardless of whether you like to watch the dubbed versions night after night on major TV stations or binge watch it with English subtitles, there is no denying that the Hallyu wave has come to the shores of the country with its full impact for the second time.

    "pambansang oppa" Emman Nimedez
    Photo Credit: Facebook/Emman Nimedez

    With a slew of Korean TV series airing on various local channels and the option to stream other ones from the internet, “Goblin” seems to be the ultimate choice of drama for the new batch of fangirls and fanboys. And with the fantastical love story drama comes the leading man played by Gong Yoo. In hindsight, Gong Yoo is not really a new name in the Korean showbiz industry. He has some smash hits under his belt including “Coffee Prince” opposite Yoon Eun Hye. But just like the Hallyu wave, the 37-year old actor has had a re-emergence thanks to the tvN-produced show.

    While Gong Yoo is basking in his current immense popularity, one Broadcast Communication student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Emman Nimedez is trying to rival his popularity with his parody of the actor.

    UPDATE: Vlogger Emman Nimedez passes away

    Nimedez’s imitation videos of “Goblin” have drawn so much attention in the online world eventually earning him the nickname “pambansang oppa.” And despite the fact that these videos are dubbed as only parodies, fans and non-fans of “Goblin” have been impressed with the production value of the clips. Aside from the student’s impeccable acting chops, his incredible skills in editing and storytelling are also on-point. Some netizens even cited that the cinematography in Nimedez’s videos are far superior compared to proper local productions.

    Grabe yung ending nung kdrama na pinanood ko kanina. Kamukhang kamukha ko yung bida. Ako lang ba o napansin niyo din?

    #PambansangOppa #Debut #GoblinPH #Kdrama

    Katuwaan lang! :)
    Emman Nimedez
    Shot by: Titus Cee
    Edited by: Emman Nimedez
    Posted by Emman Nimedez on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

    Pambansang Oppa | The Summoning
    Grabe talaga yung KDrama na pinapanood ko.. Episode 3! Nagkita na sila!!! OMG!

    #PambansangOppa #GoblinPH #Episode3 #TheSummoning

    Grace Jeong as "Ji Eun Tak"
    Emman Nimedez as "Goblin"

    Directed and Edited by | Emman Nimedez
    Director of Photography | Ray Ambler
    Cameraworks by | Clevin Alcantara, Ivan Icao and Hiromi Uematsu
    MUA | Freianne Maloure

    The third episode of my goblin parody video
    Posted by Emman Nimedez on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

    Korean Dramas Be Like.. EP. 2 | Goblin Parody
    Grabe talaga yung bida dito sa kdrama na pinapanood ko, ngayon basang basa naman siya sa ulan! Sobrang lungkot talaga nito promise :(

    #PambansangOppa #GoblinPH #EP2 #RainScenesParody

    Directed and Edited by Emman Nimedez
    Shot by Kiko Francisco
    Parody lang mga tohl
    Posted by Emman Nimedez on Thursday, April 20, 2017

    Most recently, “pambansang oppa” has even raised the bar higher by casting a Korean actress alongside him to take on the role of his own “bride.” As seen in Goblin, Gong Yoo’s character was enamored by Ji Eun Tak (played by Korean actress Kim Go Eun) and the two embark on a love affair. And for Nimedez’s videos to be at par with his source material, he needed his version of Eun Tak now played by a look-alike. The two even staged a supposed date paparazzi shoot complete with the photos complete with the “Dispatch” logo - a famous site in Korea best known for releasing photos of actors and/or singers secretly dating.

    Ji Eun Tak and Pambansang Oppa spotted dating somewhere in Seoul 

    Source: Dispatch
    Posted by Emman Nimedez on Sunday, May 7, 2017

    -- Ana, The Summit Express

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