WATCH: Jollibee’s new tear-jerker ad for Mother’s day has a surprising twist

The country’s most popular fast food chain, Jollibee, is back with their viral holiday-themed tv ads - this time geared for the upcoming Mother’s day celebration.

Jollibee’s new tear-jerker ad for Mother’s day has a surprising twist
Photo Credit: YouTube/Jollibee
The almost three-minute commercial titled “Parangal” hit the broadcasting waves early this week and has since then tugged at hearts of millions in the Philippines. Starting with a sequence with a graduation ceremony as the top performing student was about to deliver his speech, the ad was successfully able to convey the message of gratitude to millions of mothers who would sacrifice everything for their children.

About halfway through the clip and when it appears that there is nothing really that special about Jollibee's supposed latest viral commercial, the ad suddenly loops back to a previously released TV plug a couple of months ago. It can be remembered that back in February, the local fast food chain also rolled out a couple of commercials in time for Valentine’s Day. One of which is that of a young boy treating his mom to a romantic dinner date at Jollibee as per instructed by his dad before he died, titled “Date.”

As it turns out, this new story is just a continuation of how the mother and son’s life carried on over the next few years coping with the loss of the family’s patriarch. A carefully put together montage showed how the mother worked doubly hard to get through financial struggles - even the cliche getting a Jollibee pasalubong amidst being short with money, as the son delivered his touching speech.

Given Jollibee's penchant with these kinds of ads, both local and international netizens have flocked to check the video with various reaction videos to it rounding the internet stratosphere. Thus far, the original video which was uploaded on Jollibee's official YouTube account, has garnered over 15,000 views and that is even with duplicates uploaded in other channels raking views as well. In Facebook, meanwhile, the same clip already has almost 2 million views, over 74 thousand likes, 43 thousand shares and has spawned 5,500 comments.

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--Ana Dumaraog, The Summit Express

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