Get SEOULved with Wendy’s: Taste Kimchi Like Never Before

Have you ever tried eating kimchi? Undoubtedly, most of the Korean pop culture fans out there (yup, including me) got hooked on the taste of the well-known side dish while watching Kdramas, variety shows and concerts of their charming idols.

I remember that I started to learn eating kimchi years back when the Korean dramas and pop music were just about on its way to invade the Philippines and show the world what they got. And for the love of their culture, yes, it’s a must try eating kimchi.

Korean kimchi

For those who are still new and have little background on what kimchi is: Kimchi (Kimchee) is a traditional and essential fermented vegetables dish in Korea which mainly made of napa cabbage or daikon radish, kochukaru (Korean red pepper powder) and saeujeot (Korean salted/fermented shrimp). Koreans eat kimchi at almost every meal everyday as they strongly believed that it contributes in every intake the beneficial nutrients and enjoyment of diverse tastes it brings.

They say, it feels something is missing if there is no kimchi on their table and it is very normal to have at least two or three different types of kimchi in just one meal. Even if you got only ramyun (ramen) for lunch or dinner, you should have it on side. Koreans really cannot imagine the meal without kimchi.

Korean ramen with kimchi

I dare to say that kimchi is really a cultural icon of Korea and the core of Korean cuisine which is one of its most precious assets. Its versatility makes it great to use in everyday cooking and blended in it.

Korean wave has made its strong influence to the world. And Philippines is one of the countries that was greatly influenced by this phenomenon. No wonder, Wendy’s as global food chain brand got inspired to bring the people’s favorite Korean Kimchi as part of their products’ newest flavor here in the Philippines. Say hi or Annyeong Haseyo - the Korean way, to the delightfully delicious, incredibly filling, and satisfyingly affordable meal - Wendy's Kimchi Chicken Fillet burger and Kimchi Loaded Fries.

Wendy's Chicken Fillet and Fries new

Let’s start off first with newest addition to Wendy’s burger products, the Kimchi Chicken Fillet. It has a meaty chicken fillet mixed with fresh slaw and rich and savory kimchi sauce.

Wendy's Chicken Fillet

I can say this one is amazing! The meaty fillet patty has a bit juicy taste and well blended with that kimchi sauce. I know that I will not get what I’m expecting for, that is, the strong taste of traditional kimchi on first bite to have cabbage like texture. But this, I must say, it’s perfect for those who are sensitive to spicy flavors and still got to experience the authentic taste of kimchi. The fresh slaw did a good job complementing this pretty decent sandwich.

Wendy's Chicken Fillet

Next, we have the Kimchi Loaded Fries. Wendy's natural cut fries are covered in thick and delectable kimchi sauce and crispy bacon bits with the Wendy's Kimchi Loaded Fries.

Wendy's Chicken Fillet and Fries 2017

There’s a lot of variety of fries’ flavors out in the market but this one stand out on its way among them. I’ve seen almost same combination of this mostly on the seasoned food court. What makes this unique from them is that the taste of delectable kimchi sauce mildly blend to the cheesy crispy bacon on top of it.

Wendy's Loaded Fries

True enough, you can’t go away eating those kimchi flavored products without their refreshing glass of Wendy’s Signature Iced Tea which made of freshly brewed tea with real juice and pulp of local lemon. It’s still my top choice and best iced tea that you can get out of those fast food chains.

Wendy's Lemon

So that’s it! Overall I’m pretty impressed how Wendy’s put things together for this new product. For those who want something different from their usual taste bud comfort zone, I really recommend this. As a tip, dig it in while it’s hot to enjoy, full of kimchi flavor in every crunch! You won’t believe that I actually bought one to go and relish an afternoon bite.

Wendy's snack burger and fries

-- Jhanno_SJY, The Summit Express

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