LOOK: Erwan Heussaff’s P150 a day meal plan may help you lose those unwanted fats

MANILA, Philippines - After getting criticized for coming up with meal plans that only the rich could afford, food, health, fitness and lifestyle blogger Erwan Heussaff has recently shared a P150-a-day meal plan that can help us lose unwanted fats.

Erwan Heussaff’s P150 a day meal plan
Heussaff, who was a former “fat kid” until he underwent a major overhaul of his diet and lifestyle, pointed out that healthy eating doesn’t need to be expensive.

“Instead of spending 70 pesos for a lunch of sisig rice from a Jolly Jeep in Makati, you could actually be cooking 600 GRAMS OF TILAPIA. Yes, more than half a kilo. For the same price of your lunch. The Tilapia could extend onto two meals with the right vegetables beside it,” he wrote.

However, he also emphasized that it can be less convenient as you have to exert extra effort to make things work.

“That’s my point, healthy eating isn’t expensive. Unfortunately, it’s just less convenient. So you need to make the effort to go to the market at least once a week, cook your meals in advance (I recommend cooking 4 times a week to prep) and plan your food. A little effort in this case goes a very long way,” he explained.

Heussaff’s 7-day meal plan details the exact quantities of ingredients as well as its estimated market-prices based on wet markets in Metro Manila. In his meal plan, Heussaff discouraged the use of common flavorings like fish sauce, soy sauce, MSG, stock cubes, coconut milk, cream and peanut butter and recommends just the use of salt as seasoning.

The “Fat Kid Inside Me” blogger warned readers that his meal plan is only for people who don’t have strict nutritional requirements, medical conditions as well as dietary restrictions. He also revealed that healthy eating for fat loss isn’t easy and fun.

Best known for his recipe and travel videos, Heussaff is the fiancé husband of Kapamilya actress Anne Curtis and the brother of Kapuso actress-model Solenn Heussaff.

Check out his meal plans through this link.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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