Duterte vows to sign EO against “endo”

MANILA, Philippines - President Rodrigo Duterte is determined to put an end against end-of-contract scheme or “endo” to ensure that “every Filipino worker attains full and decent employment.”

During his Labor Day speech in front of thousands of workers in Davao City on Monday, May 1, Duterte promised to sign an executive order (EO) to put a stop to labor contractualization.

Duterte vows to sign EO against “endo”
PHOTO CREDIT: Partido Manggagawa
"I stand firm in my conviction to stop 'endo.' Workers have right to security of tenure. To this end, I will create an executive order directing strict provisions against ‘endo,'" Duterte said in his speech.

Part of Duterte’s campaign promises was to stop endo, a practice in which employment contracts are intentionally ended before the six month so companies can avoid paying benefits that regular workers are entitled to receive.

Prior to his speech, Duterte had a closed-door meeting with labor groups where he asked labor leaders to draft an EO against “endo”. The 71-year-old leader also vowed to review existing policies against the practice.

In order to crackdown companies with abusive labor practices, the Duterte administration plans to hire more labor inspectors. The lack of inspectors, according to the President, is the primary reason why DOLE can’t identify all companies practicing “endo”.
Duterte authorized the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to delegate trade union leaders as inspectors.

“I further order the DOLE to deputize trade unions and their staff to conduct inspections of all establishments," Duterte said.

The president also promised to ratify International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention No. 151 to give all Filipino government workers the right to create labor unions.

Still, Duterte asked labor groups to give the government more time to put an end to “endo” since it would be difficult since because some businesses are seasonal.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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