4-day work week approved by committee in Congress

MANILA, Philippines - The Labor and Employment Committee of the House of Representatives has approved a bill proposing 4-day work week in the Philippines.

The proposed bill filed by Baguio lone district Representative Mark Go aims to add working hours in a day in order to lessen the number of days of work in a week. Currently, most Filipino workers work for 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week.

4-day work week approved by committee in Congress
In his interview with Rappler, Rep. Go said: “Right now, under our Labor Code, [the] number of work days per week is 6 days, and the number of hours a day is 8 hours. What I propose in my bill is to allow employers to go into compressed work week, which means that instead of working 8 hours a day, [the] employees will work for more than 8 hours but not to exceed 48 hours a week. It can be for 5 days or 4 days.”

Go explained that if an employee chooses to work for just 4 days a week, he or she would be required to work for 12 hours a day. Only those who work for more than 48 hours a week will paid overtime.

Several Filipino employees believe that the proposed bill will lessen their expenses and increase the time they can spend with their loved ones.

“Mas ok yun siyempre kasi sa traffic iwas plus yung gastos mo sa pamasahe mas less din,” Datu Lamla said.

Allen Giltendez said: “ Mas makipiling mo siya ng mahaba-haba kasi sabay din ang day off namen Sabado at Linggo.”

Meanwhile, several groups of employees in the Philippines expressed their hesitations towards the proposed bill. Sergio Ortiz-Luis, Honorary Chairman of the Employees Confederation of the Philippines said the proposed bill must be carefully studied before its implementation.

“Paminsan yung mga batas kailangan pag-aralan ng mabuti at siguro sa umpisa gawin munang voluntary para yung mga kayang mag-adjust eh mag-adjust sila,” he said.

Aside from the 4-day work week proposal, Rep. Go proposed to add extra days to employee’s annual leave credits. He believes such proposals would increase the morale and productivity of employees in the Philippines.

“Not only is the granting of paid leaves beneficial to the employees but economically advantageous for employers as well,” Rep. Go wrote in his bill.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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