VIRAL VIDEO: ‘Kwek kwek’ and ‘tokneneng’ vendor recycles his goods

MANILA, Philippines - Dubbed as one of the “Street Food Capitals of the World,” Philippines boasts its array of sumptuous and colorful snacks which are being displayed and peddled on every sidewalk of the country. Do we all have an idea on how our favorite “tusok-tusok” is being made? A viral video of “kwek kwek” and “tokneneng” vendor shows the street food enthusiasts how to do it the not so right way.

VIRAL VIDEO: ‘Kwek kwek’ and ‘tokneneng’ vendor recycles his goods

Along with the infamous isaw and fishballs, kwek kwek and tokneneng are just some of the most sought after pinoy treats available everywhere. Who wouldn’t notice those cute orange-batter-coated and deep fried boiled eggs dipped in tangy and spicy sauce. You’re salivating now, aren’t you?

Would you still crave if your ultimate merienda isn’t cooked the way it should be? An unnamed netizen took a video and uploaded it on Facebook showing a Baclaran-based peddler recycling his unsold tokneneng. Watch the video and see it for yourself.

Are you freaking out right now? You should be. Clearly, it’s not the proper way of preparing and cooking any food. It’s just so unsanitized. Obviously, the seller doesn’t want to divulge his “secret recipe” to his patrons that’s why he keeps on peeking from the back of his cart as he removes the saggy and maybe days-old coating of his eggs and wash them for another batch of “delightful snacks.” Unknowingly, he was secretly taped and his gross video all of a sudden leaked.

Notice also his preparation area. How many dirty shoes and sandals pass through that avenue daily? Thousands perhaps. How many bacteria there are in that specific place? Millions or even billions maybe! Diarrhea is just one of the many foodborne illnesses that we can acquire if we consume unsanitized food.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who had goosebumps after watching these sickening videos. Fellow netizens also react and showed their disappointments:

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Screenshot from 'Matalinong Matsing' Facebook page.
This stomach-churning video clearly violates Republic Act No. 10611 or Food Safety Regulatory System in the country where all food sellers must consider and protect the health of their customers. This law doesn’t exempt market or even sidewalk vendors. Anyone can file a complaint at the local LGU where local officials along with the DOH can investigate on the said matter. If proven guilty of violating the food safety act, a possible revocation of business license will be imposed. Should the vendor will not be able to present any business permits, he or she will be facing a bigger legal consequence.

--Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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