10 Things You Need To Know About Wolverine

Logan, premiered on March 1 in Philippine cinemas, is the third movie based on the character of Wolverine as the main protagonist. He is maybe the most well-known X-Men member of all time and the role was always played by Hugh Jackman, that when you see or hear the actor’s name, you can easily associate him with Wolverine.

10 Things You Need To Know About Wolverine

For Wolverine fans out there, here are the ten (10) things you must know about him.

1. Admantium claws and healing factor

It is the most iconic feature of Wolverine - his claws. Together with his healing factor, he pushes through the enemies, slashing them with those indestructible adamantium metal claws on his knuckles while injuries constantly healing. Whoa.

2. His real name is James Howlett, not Logan

Yes, you read it right! He is James Howlett, and Logan is a name he adapted from his real father, Thomas Logan, after killing his step-father John Howlett.

3. Nationality: Canadian

Again, an interesting fact is the he is the first Canadian superhero. He was born in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada in late 1880’s.

4. X-23

Laura Kinney, or better-known as X-23 is his clone daughter made by the Weapon X program. With this, she has same abilities with Wolverine, like the healing factor and the claws which also extends through her feet.

Laura Kinney
Photo courtesy of Logan official trailer
5. Famous love interest: Jean Grey

More known with the love triangle: Wolverine-Jean Grey-Cyclops. But wait, there’s more! There is Mariko Yashida from Japan in the movie, “The Wolverine”, and we can also line up Rogue and Storm.

6. Wolverine is almost always present in the X-men movies

Except from X-Men: First Class, Wolverine has stayed always on the spot in the films, constantly portrayed by Hugh Jackman. Wait. In X-Men: Apocalypse, he’s not on the main cast, but has a cameo appearance when the young Jean Grey freed him from a cage. So technically, he showed up in the film.

X-Men movie

7. His yellow costume

In the comics and cartoon TV series, he is more often seen in yellow costume. Yet, in the movies, he didn’t wear it, even once. But even without the costume, Wolverine is still Wolverine.

8. Not only Wolverine has the adamantium claws

Aside from his daughter-clone Laura (X-23), there is Lady Deathstrike (appeared in X2, the second X-Men movie) and Sabertooth (in X-Men, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

9. 17 years of tenure for Hugh Jackman

It is a whopping 17 years of Wolverine existence in X-Men movies for Hugh Jackman. From 2000 for the movie X-Men, to 2017’s Logan. Hands up to Jackman for portraying and giving justice to the character until the end.

10. Hanging question: What’s next to X-Men movie series, and with Wolverine?

We waited for the post-credits of Logan to show next X-Men or Marvel movie to come, but there’s none. So, we’ll leave you a hanging question: what’s next? Well, rumors say that there would be X-Men: Supernova, with Dark Phoenix storyline. X-Men and Wolverine fans out there we’ll surely be waiting.

X-Men Supernova
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‘Logan’ Movie Review: Hugh Jackman’s Final Gist as Wolverine

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