Top 10 Highest-paying Jobs in the Philippines 2017

MANILA, Philippines - Recruitment website has released on Wednesday, February 22 its 2017 Salary Report which revealed the highest paying jobs for various levels in the Philippines.

Top 10 Highest-paying Jobs in the Philippines 2017
Despite the threat of US President Donald Trump on call center and BPO’s in the country, employees in the information technology (IT) sector proved to be the highest paid both in supervisory and junior executive positions at P68,723 and P37,034, respectively.

Jobs in the IT field include software developer, web developer and systems administrator.

Managers in the field of Corporate strategy earned the highest monthly salary at P125, 976. It was significantly higher compared to the salary of managers in the IT field, which earned the highest monthly salary in 2016 at P86,550.

Meanwhile, employees in the customer service and technical help desk are the most in demand this year.

Here’s a list of the highest-paying jobs in the Philippines for 2017.

The top 10 highest-paying jobs/industries for Managers/ Assistant Managers are:

1. Corporate strategy (P125,976)
2. IT-related (P91,100)
3. Actuarial science/Statistics (P81,799)
4. Quality control/Assurance (P80,828)
5. Customer service (P80,810)
6. Training and development (P77,877)
7. Public relations/Communications (P77,219)
8. Banking/Financial services (P74,837)
9. Human resources (72,686)
10. Law/legal (P67,402)

The top 10 highest-paying jobs/industries for supervisors (5 to 10 years job experience) are:

1. IT-related -P68,723
2. Actuarial science/Statistics -P65,741
3. Law/legal -P48,014
4. Journalist/Editor -P40,704
5. Banking/Financial -P39,857
6. Arts/Creative/Graphic design -P37,379
7. Quality control/Assurance -P37,242
8. Training and development -P36,443
9. Quality surveying -P36,203
10. Advertising/Media planning -P35,791

The top 10 highest-paying jobs/industries for junior executives (1-5 years job experience) are:

1. IT-related -P37,034
2. Law/legal -P29,430
3. Training and development -P27,253
4. Banking/Financial -P27,188
5. Actuarial science/Statistics -P27,064
6. Public relations/Communications -P26,948
7. Healthcare-P26,655
8. Journalist/Editor -P26,542
9. Customer service -P24,755
10. Advertising/Media planning -P24,314

Jobstreet Salary Report 2017

In terms of job trends, 38% of the 6 million Jobstreet candidates were in the BPO industry, while 3% were in retail and 2.8% were in manufacturing.

The report also revealed that middle management employees get the most guaranteed bonuses or bonuses which are agreed on through a contract aside from the 13th month pay. On the other hand, staff level employees receive the most non-guaranteed bonuses.

Industries that give the most guaranteed bonuses include retailing, consumer durables and apparel and insurance. Meanwhile, transportation/logistics, consumer durables and apparel as well as materials/construction industry provide the most non-guaranteed bonuses.


--Mini, The Summit Express

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