LOOK: Funny Pinay mom captures the hearts of netizens with her hilarious Facebook posts

MANILA, Philippines- A 58-year-old mother from San Miguel, Bulacan has become the latest overnight sensation on social media. With over 134,000 followers on Facebook, Estrelita Santos Calacala has certainly won the hearts of netizens with her hilarious random anecdotes.

Funny Pinay mom captures the hearts of netizens
PHOTO CREDIT:Facebook/ Estrelita Santos Calacala
In her interview with ABS-CBN, Calacala revealed that she decided to join Facebook to monitor her daughter’s post and perhaps meet new friends. Her daughter Princess set-up a Facebook page for Calacala so she’ll have something to do during her free time.

In no time, Calacala’s posts became a hot topic on social media amassing thousands of likes and reactions.

Initially, netizens thought that Calacala’s Facebook account was used by Princess. However, Princess later on clarified that it was really Calacala who’s posting the funny anecdotes on social media.

According to Calacala, her posts only reflect how she speaks to her daughter in real life. She never expected to gain popularity through her posts.

"Ganyan kasi kami mag-usap ng anak ko sa personal-- basagan," Calacala told ABS-CBN News.

Despite the various negative effects of social media on children, Calacala believes that she has learned many things from using Facebook.

"Tinuro sa akin ng social media kung gaano kadaling makihalubilo sa ibang tao. Malawak ang nararating nito," she said. "Hindi ko akalain na sa ganitong edad ko ay sisikat ako,” Calacala said.

Check out some of Calacala’s hilarious posts on Facebook.

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