LOOK: Tattoo artist Apo Whang-Od in poor health condition

MANILA, Philippines - Legendary “mambabatok” tattoo artist Apo Whang-od Oggay was recently photographed appearing frail and in poor health condition.

Tattoo artist Apo Whang Od in poor health condition
Photo Credit: LookingforStories.com/Miming Leung Yin-Baker
In a viral Facebook post by a certain Miming Leung Yin-Baker, it was revealed that the acclaimed Filipina tattoo artist from Buscalan, Tinglayan, Kalinga is no longer in good health condition. During her recent trip to Kalinga, Yin-Baker visited the oldest tattoo artist in the Philippines.

Based on what they observed, they believe that the old tattoo artist has asthma, acute diarrhea and probably pneumonia. Yin-Baker narrated that Whang-od tried her best to talk to them, even though she did’t have enough strength to get up, and asked what tattoo they wanted from her.

“We think she has pneumonia, she coughs up phlegm & has a hard time breathing. Even though she was too weak to get up, she tried her best to talk to us & even asked what tattoo we wanted from her. But it was clear that she doesn't have the strength to do so,” Yin-Baker wrote in her post.

According Yin-Baker, Whang-od has her own nebulizer and medicine and there are doctors in her area. However, the artist refuses to be taken into a hospital.

Apparently, Yin-Baker’s friend offered money to Whang-od’s sibling for her medicine but they refused it since it’s not in accordance with their culture to accept it. But after some pleading, they eventually accepted the cash.

Yin-Baker advised tourists to bring treats like candies and chocolates as pasalubong for Whang-od.

Whang-od’s family members reportedly asked Yin-Baker to post about the tattoo artist’s health condition on Facebook.

Apo Whang Od in poor health condition
Apo Whang Od in poor health condition
Apo Whang Od in poor health condition
Apo Whang Od in poor health condition

Born in1918, Whang-od is a traditional Kalinga tattooist who uses the ancient technique of tattooing called “batok.” The technique involves the use of a mixture of charcoal and water as tattoo ink and tapping the thorn end of a calamansi or pomelo tree on skin.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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