4 things we can learn in 'Sakaling Hindi Makarating'

    With this indie-film-turned-main-screen piece, "Sakaling Hindi Makarating" has such an unusual yet interesting plot. Cielo, portrayed by Alessandra De Rossi, is the center of the story in search for answers with the unusual post cards delivered to her.

    4 Things We Can Learn in "Sakaling Hindi Makarating"
    Photo Credit: Sakaling Hindi Makarating (SHM) Facebook page

    If you want to have the movie review, check this link.

    But for those who hasn't watched the film yet, we'll give you 4 reasons to do so.

    1. Solo travel in the Philippines

    First and foremost, if you are dreaming of travelling the Philippines, this film gives you more urge to go and set one the soonest! Five beautiful locations depicted in the film, you can pick one from them: Zamboanga with its colorful vintas, Siquijor enticing us with its mystical ambiance, Marinduque and its famous Moriones mask, Ilocos Norte with its blue lagoon, and the charming contours of Batanes. With Cielo's strong personality, travelling alone in this five locations was not a hindrance. Maybe, there's a Cielo inside us who wants to travel solo. The "I'm alone, but not lonely" tagline would be great for your escapade. At least in one of these locations would do.

    2. Make friends when you travel

    Conversations with strangers can eventually turn into friendship. Travelling alone gives you more fascade in having new relationships, learnings and memories. Instant swimming lessons with a local, learning how to ride a motorcycle, knowing history, are few of the things you can have with your travel. Who knows, maybe this stranger is your soulmate.

    3. Search for answers

    Some of us do not seek for answers, especially if we're afraid of the reality. But with this story, this encourages us in seeking answers with little chances of getting it. Let's admit it, getting from one place to another with only a postcard as your clue is very crucial. But even though the chances are small, if it is the only way to find out, why not take the leap of faith and go to what your heart desires. We won't know what would be the outcome, but at least, regret is out of the picture.

    4. Don't forget to write your return address in the post cards

    Lastly, with its unpredictable ending, the question "Is it M who delivers C the post cards?" was answered. Coincidence happens a lot. In this case, the post cards were not from the M that Cielo has been thinking of, but from a girl who wants to find her father. Sending post cards to a certain address in a hope that the recipient will reply to her is a good idea, but definitely, you must give your return address for it to take effect.

    --Rein, The Summit Express

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