Netizens furious over death of 8-year-old girl left inside borrowed car

    MANILA, Philippines - A young girl’s life was cut short after she was left sleeping inside a vehicle her family borrowed from relatives.

    Netizens furious over tragic death of 8-year-old girl left inside borrowed car
    Photo Credit: GMA News
    A report by GMA News revealed that family members of Janna Jacobe, 8, accidentally left sleeping inside the vehicle when they returned it to its owner following a night out at a mall in Pasay City on Tuesday, January 3.

    Janna’s stepmother Joan Papa disclosed that 10 people occupied the car they borrowed from a relative. Papa said they didn’t notice that Janna had been left behind inside the vehicle when they returned it to their relative.

    Later on, the family realized that the young girl wasn’t at their home in Baseco Compound in Port Area, Manila. The family went looking for Janna for 12 hours but to no avail.

    “Wala talaga kaming nakitang naiwan. Baka naglaro lang sa kapitbahay,” Papa said.

    According to Joan, a child who was at the back of the car with Janna allegedly told her that the latter was asleep when they were in the vehicle. This prompted the family to go to their relative’s house and check the vehicle. Her dead body was recovered on Wednesday, January 4 at the back seat of the said vehicle.

    “Di ko matanggap, di ko nasaklolohan ang anak ko. Ako nagpalaki, mahal ko ang batang yon. Hindi ko matanggap pero aksidente po ang nangyari,” Papa said.

    Although initial investigation showed that Janna died of suffocation, the body will be autopsied to determine the real cause of the child’s death. The driver of the vehicle may possibly face negligence resulting in homicide, according to authorities.

    Several netizens find the family’s statement about Janna’s death very suspicious. Some of them even suggested that there was foul play involved.

    “Lies! Doesn't add up! How could you not even turn around behind you and notice a human being on the back seat?! Going inside a car you have a good view of the back of your car! They need to investigate further. I smell foul play. She's 8! I guarantee she knows how to unlock the door. And PLUS how do they know she died of suffocation right away? With no autopsy?”Angel Visions commented.

    A certain Anne Gabriel said: “Di ako naniniwala na gnun lng nangyare, una ang mall eh bukas lng hanggang 10pm minsan 11pm, pero usually 10:30pm wala ka na halos mapuntahan kc pasara na lahat, walang mall ang bukas ng 3am, pangalawa lalabas ka ng kotse na hiniram mo kuno,before ka lumabas sa kotse syempre kung nag mall ka kukunin mo pinamili mo, imposibleng di nyo makita na ntutulog ang bata? unless sa compartment ng sasakyan nyo sya pinatulog at imposibleng di nyo masilip na may bata sa loob pag kababa nyo plng ng sasakyan, may mali sa nangyare, pwedeng may foul play or may nangyare na ayaw nila aminin.”

    “8 years old, marunong na mag open ng sasakyan yan from the inside or mag busina. I smell something foul. The death may be because of suffocation but not because she was left inside the car. It might be something else. A thorough investigation should be done,” Gloria Gaspar suggested.

    --Mini, The Summit Express

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