Honest Uber driver gets out of his way to return passenger’s wallet

MANILA, Philippines - We all know how hard it is to commute in the Philippines. Aside from dealing with heavy traffic and pollution, commuters are prone to various modus operandi perpetrated by scalawag drivers.

Honest Uber driver gets out of his way to return passenger’s wallet

But Alvin Quinton, an Uber driver, proved not all drivers in the country are dishonest. In an inspiring story shared by a certain Jef Queyquep, it was revealed that the driver went out of his way just to return his passenger’s lost wallet.

According to Jef, he received an LBC package and P520 cash from Quinton. Unaware of the sender’s identity, Jef initially thought that the package was a donation since he works for Children’s Hour Foundation. He soon realized that the package wasn’t a donation because the solicitation letters he sent only include his office address, not his home address.

Since Jef wasn’t at home to open the package, he then instructed his mom to validate and take a picture of the package’s content. Inside the package, his mom found his black purse, driver’s license as well as a note from Alvin.

Although Jef had totally given up on retrieving his purse which he lost last December, he is thankful that Alvin went out of his way just to return his personal belongings.

“I thought I left my purse during my trip elsewhere last December. In my mind, P10 lang naman yung bili ko sa purse, maaayos din naman yung driver's license sa LTO. I bothered looking for it though. When I knew it was totally lost, I surrendered playing hide-and-seek with my purse. Until someone named Alvin saved me from the hassle of re-acquiring my license,” Jef wrote in his post.

Jef added: “I am happy to retrieve my purse and driver's license. But I am more than happy to know someone who would take an effort to send a package via LBC shouldering the shipping fee when in fact we have the Facebook or Messenger as platforms to connect and inform.”

Jef shared his story through multimedia journalist James Deakin’s Facebook page. The post has gone viral since then.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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