First Eviction Night Results: Aura Azarcon evicted on PBB Dream Team

MANILA, Philippines - Aura Azarcon, dubbed as the "Med of Honor ng Las Pinas," has become the first evicted housemate from Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Dream Team.

Aura Azarcon evicted on PBB Dream Team
Photo Credit: ABS-CBN /PBB website
In the live eviction on Saturday, January 28, Azarcon was sent home after garnering the lowest percentage of votes among the nominated housemates. She got 22.19 percent only.

"No regrets. This is the best thing that has happened to me," Azarcon told Kuya during the exit interview.

Fellow housemates Jerome Alacre and Jinri Park were saved from eviction after getting, 27.82 and 50-percent of votes, respectively.

When asked who should continue the fight on Dream Team, she told Alacre deserved to win.

Weekly task failed

Dream Team housemates did not win their third weekly task called "Lucky Balloon Dragon."

In the challenge, they must create a balloon dragon and they must be able to move it through a spiky obstacle course while some of them are blindfolded. They must be able to finish the obstacle without popping more than 21 balloons to win the task.

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