LOOK: These gifts would bring bad luck, according to Feng Shui expert

Are you still looking for the perfect present to give this Christmas? While gifts can bring joy to the receiver, some presents, according to Feng Shui expert Hanz Cua, may do more harm than good.

In his YouTube livestream for ABS-CBN News, Cua revealed that there are so-called unlucky gifts that people need to stay away from to reverse bad luck. Here are some of them:

gifts would bring bad luck, according to Feng Shui expert
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1. Empty wallet

It’s not considered unlucky to give wallets as long as you put money inside it to attract more wealth and reverse bad luck. Cua said it’s best to put money amounting to a figure ending in 8 such as P168.

2. Sharp objects

Don’t give your loved ones sharp items like a pair of scissors or a set of knives as these items symbolize cutting of ties.

3. Handkerchief, bonsai tree, pair of shoes

For Cua, these items signify a sad relationship, separation and stagnant growth.

How to make your Christmas tree lucky?

Cua also shared some tips on how to use your Christmas tree to attract positive energy during the holiday season.

The Feng Shui expert recommended the use of clean and in good condition Christmas trees.

“Dapat bago o malinis. ‘Pag luma o sira na, itapon niyo na at palitan ‘yan. Simbolo ito ng happiness o success, ‘yung ‘pag tinignan mo, feeling mo masaya ka,” Cua said.

According to Cua, the Christmas tree must be higher than the tallest person in the household. The Christmas tree would also bring more success and abundance if it is big and tall.

The five elements, earth, fire, metal, wood and water, should be present in your Christmas tree decorations. Red, yellow, or orange ornaments and trimmings as well as Christmas lights wrapped around the tree symbolize the fire element. Meanwhile, anything green represents the wood element.

Blue, black and purple decorations added to the Christmas tree signify the water element, while brown or beige accents are associated with the earth element. Adding gold and silver touches to the tree represents the metal element.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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