Toy store’s review of ‘Enteng Kabisote 10,’ 'Super Parental Guardians' go viral

MANILA, Philippines - A mocking movie review from a toy store calling out excluded films in the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) -- Vic Sotto’s “Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers” and Vice Ganda’s “The Super Parental Guardians” went viral.

Toy store’s review of ‘Enteng Kabisote 10,’ 'Super Parental Guardians' go viral
Online Toy Store shares review of ousted Vic Sotto and Vice Ganda films.
After much debacle as independent (indie) films dominated this year’s lineup for the MMFF, Vic Sotto and Vice Ganda films came earlier to theaters last month.

Toy store “Big Boys Store” selling various toy action figures via their online page shared on Facebook a rather “ugly truth” movie review to these films.

“Big Boys Store” on December 1 started giving review to “The Super Parental Guardians” pointing out if Vice Ganda has finally came up with a “nice film” with a new director replacing late Wenn Deramas and a funny trailer that went viral online.

Super Parental Guardians movie review
Super Parental Guardians review

But the Toy Store mockingly describes that the film has only lived up to “another BLOCKBUSTER FOR VICE!” The page describes it as: “Another NOT funny comedy, corny and grade school play level action scenes, burst of pointless drama here and there that really doesn't make sense, no editing or thinking how to connect each scene whatsoever, NO STORY WHATSOEVER type of movie!!! Good job Bb Joyce Bernal! You did your contribution in yet again bringing local films to the level of being pathetic…” it wrote.

The toy store did apologize for it’s harsh criticisms. But also shared it’s hope that one day locals and even foreigners would come to appreciate Filipino films. Though this kind of film really caters the masses, the toy store frankly tells that it is a “trash” and if it will be fed to the viewers, they will only know nothing good. It also pointed out that Filipino viewers were so used to watching and enjoying these kind of films making them dumber and dumber.

Big Boys store rated “The Super Parental Guardians” with 1/10.

But it’s latest review of the “Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers” became a lengthy one, and trended more than the Vice Ganda movie review. Here’s why.

Enteng Kabisote 10 movie review
Enteng Kabisote 10 movie review
Enteng Kabisote 10 movie review

The toy store took its readers with the “lowest of the low” expectations in its review.

They described Vic Sotto in the film like Mr. Bean trying to be in serious action movie.

It even compared the movie to this situation: “Think of it this way; you and your group go on a vacation and one person brings a cam and films bits and parts of your trip. Then you watch that video. = ENTENG 10!” the toy store wrote.

The film’s alleged bad costumes, props and even makeup was also ridiculed in the review. “Enteng 10” even tried to incorporate family values that aren’t relatable at all.

“After watching this, you'd SERIOUSLY FEEL DUMBER! Or be seen starring at the black screen, mouth open and drool dripping from your mouth while mumbling nonsense....” it wrote.

Big Boys Store rated “Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers” of a “forced” 0/10.

This is not the first time the toy store has posted movie reviews. In fact, the store always criticize local and international movies that are being screened in the country.

Will you still watch these films after its bad review? Comment down below.

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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