Manny Castaneda under fire for his controversial MMFF comment

    MANILA, Philippines - Actor-director Manny Castaneda has earned the ire of netizens after giving a controversial remark about the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

    Manny Castaneda under fire for his controversial MMFF comment
    PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Manny Castaneda
    In his viral post on Facebook, Castaneda said that the “not so impressive” box office performance of indie films in this year’s MMFF “should put the arrogance of some indie fanatics in check.”

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    Castaneda supported Lily Monteverde’s claim that the MMFF is not the proper venue for indie films. Last month, Monteverde got herself into hot water for saying that Christmas season is no time for indie films.

    “Though some of the entries were beautifully crafted, still there is a time and place for avant-garde, socially relevant and art films. The MMFF is definitely not one of them,” Castaneda wrote.

    In his post, Castaneda said that the proponents of indie films must learn to identify the audience at a particular time.

    “They should carefully choose their own battle. It is unwise to just barge into a territory that does not belong to them. A gate crasher always has a very negative repercussion,” Castaneda added.

    Castaneda also advised Mercedes Cabral, an indie actress who earlier called Monteverde an idiot for her controversial comment, to look at herself in the mirror to see what a real idiot looks like.

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    Netizens were quick to give their opinion on Castaneda’s contentious remark about the MMFF. Many lambasted Castaneda for putting down indie films, insulting Cabral and giving a misinformed and offensive opinion in his post.

    “These are the sweat and tears of hardworking actors, directors, writers, etc. we're talking about. These are people who bleed for their art. You're an actor and director so you should know better. And your opinion sucks.” a certain Lars Arboleda commented.

    Netizen Jehaycee Carlos wrote: “Thanks for sharing your thoughts, sir Manny. I respect your opinion and may our film producers realize too na hindi porket may "Festival" sa MMFF ay bibigyan kami ng pelikulang pang-peryahan lang ang kalidad. Happy holidays and Godbless."

    “Instead of praising brilliance and artistic integrity, this IDIOT believes in maintaining the status quo and just revel in sheer mediocrity. Look, I watched Super Parental Guardians and actually enjoyed it. Honestly, I had a good laugh and it deserves the Millions of Pesos it has earned HOWEVER the film itself does not qualify to be part of a LEGIT FILM FEST,” Drew Weigel Sarmiento commented.

    Manny Castaneda post

    Seklusyon bags most MMFF awards

    While the documentary film Sunday Beauty Queen won best Picture, Erik Matti’s “Seklusyon” bagged the most number of awards in the recently concluded Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night on Thursday, December 29 at the Kia Theater.

    Check out the full list of winners here.

    --Mini, The Summit Express

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