Why did Karel Marquez give husband BMW on wedding day?

    MANILA, Philippines - Actress Karel Marquez has decided to shed light about the controversy surrounding her wedding gift to husband Sean Fariñas.

    Why did Karel Marquez give husband BMW on wedding day?

    In a lengthy Facebook post, Marquez explained why she decided to give Fariñas a BMW car as a wedding gift. Several netizens have expressed varying opinions on Marquez’ decision to gift her husband a luxury car.

    For the 29-year-old actress, she sees nothing wrong with her wedding present since she worked hard for it. She also dispelled rumors claiming that her parents paid for the vehicle.

    “Small or big, never will I allow myself to restrict sharing what I have worked hard for, for my children and my husband, even more for other people... Also, never will I allow to be one of those women who do not have work or income and end up asking their husbands for money, bags, and what not,” Marquez wrote in her post.

    In her post, Marquez clarified that the car is not brand new and that she purchased it from one of their godparents in their wedding. The former MYX VJ also explained why the car bore a special plate number which only congressmen are allowed to use.

    According to Marquez, the special plate number was placed on top of the vehicle’s real plate number as part of her surprise to Fariñas. The said plate number was borrowed from Fariñas’ cousin who is a son of a congressman.

    “It was taken off by the boys I think seconds right after the photo and before even heading to the church,” Marquez explained.

    “I met him 5 years ago when he didn't have his car yet... I am so proud of what my husband has accomplished since 5 years ago, until today! He made a name for himself and not because of his last name, and I saw him mature each year, so never judge someone just because one has a big family name. I am proud of him,” Marquez said in her post.

    Marquez and Fariñas began dating in 2012 and got engaged last May during their vacation in Negros Occidental. She was previously in a relationship with Arman de Guzman, with whom she has two kids- Keiley and Kyler.

    Watch their wedding video.

    --Mini, The Summit Express
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