Sickening video shows waiter pouring boiling water over complaining customer

    A female customer who suffered severe burns after she was brutally attacked by a restaurant waiter was awarded over $35,000 by a Chinese court.

    video shows waiter pouring boiling water over complaining customer
    A simple argument over a hot pot ends in violence. PHOTO CREDIT: Netiap
    The victim identified as Lin sustained serious injuries after a teenage waiter named Zhu poured boiling water over her before beating her up after she complained about her service. The horrific incident took place last year at a restaurant called “Mr. Hot Pot” located in Wenzhou, eastern China.

    According to People’s Daily Online, Lin was dining with her family at the restaurant when she got into an argument with Zhu over the addition of hot water to the pot.

    Following the argument, Lin shared her bad experience on the social media account of the restaurant, which made Zhu angry. The waiter then asked Lin to delete her post but she refused.

    In the video, Zhu was seen coming out of the kitchen of the restaurant carrying a plastic tub filled with boiling water. He then decided to do the unthinkable and poured the boiling water over Lin’s body and head.

    The brutality didn’t end there as he even dragged her to the floor and started beating her up. Although several people tried to restrain him, Lin was already severely injured with over 24% of her body, mostly her face, neck, and shoulder, badly burned. She was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.

    Zhu was arrested immediately after the attack and was sentenced to 22 months imprisonment by the Lucheng District Court in Wenzhou several months later.

    It was reported that Lin initially asked for about $84,000 in compensation but the court reduced the amount since the restaurant already paid for her medical fees.

    WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised.

    --Mini, The Summit Express
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