VIDEO: Bloody battle between penguin and 'homewrecker' goes viral

A footage of a bloody brawl between a “husband” penguin and a “homewrecker” is making waves online after the National Geographic Channel shared it on its Twitter account. The brutal video clip from the show “Animal Fight Night” has amassed hundreds of thousands of retweets and likes shortly after it was posted.

Bloody battle between penguin and “homewrecker" goes viral
Sreengrab from National Geographic Channel Twitter video.
“A fight breaks out when a husband comes home and finds his wife with another penguin,” the National Geographic Channel tweeted.

In the video, a male cuckolded penguin was seen viciously attacking a male rival after seeing the latter “getting jiggy” with its wife in their very own nest.

Unfortunately, the cheated penguin comes off second best in the vicious fight. Adding insult to the injury, the female penguin even ended up choosing the homewrecker.

“He makes one last plea to the female, but she’s got no time for losers. Defeated and humiliated, he’s left out in the cold. He’ll lick his wounds and move on. In a colony of nearly a quarter a million, there’s plenty more fish in the sea.”

Internet users around the world are captivated by the video for obvious reasons: real drama in the wild. What we often anticipate in soap operas actually happens in nature.

According to National Geographic, penguins are highly loyal when it comes to their mates as an average of 72% of penguins come back to mate with the same bird as the past year.

Aviculturist Laura Dray said in the video: “There are penguin breakups, but the reasons are often strictly logistical.”

Penguin couple stayed together for 16 years

Breaking all previous records, a pair of Magellanic penguins was found to have remained loyal to each other for more than 16-year period, despite the fact that they spent thousands of miles aparts during their winter trips.

On the average, penguin relationships last a maximum of just 10 years, with many relationships ending due to unexpected death during migration.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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