What are the top paying countries and most in-demand jobs for OFWs?

    MANILA, Philippines - According to a recent Overseas Report by Workabroad.ph, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the top paying countries for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in 2016.

    What are the top paying countries and most in-demand jobs for OFWs?
    Planning to seek greener pasture abroad? Here’s what you need to know: PHOTO CREDIT: Inquirer
    Workabroad.ph is the country’s leading jobs portal for overseas employment opportunities. It currently covers 90% market share of overseas employers. The report, which covers land-based job postings from January to September 2016, aims to guide aspiring Filipino workers looking for job opportunities abroad.

    With a decline on the demand for healthcare workers, the US, which held the top spot in 2015, didn’t make it to the top 10 this year.

    Here are the 10 Highest Paying Countries of Deployment:

    1. United Arab Emirates
    Highest Paid Job: Healthcare-Doctor/Diagnosis
    Php 253, 826

    2. Quatar
    Highest Paid Job: Aviation/ Aircraft Maintenance
    Php 209,700

    3. Canada
    Highest Paid Job: Healthcare-Nurse/Medical Support and Assistant
    Php 172,500

    4. New Zealand
    Highest Paid Job: Nurse/Medical Support and Assistant
    Php 172,500

    5. United Kingdom
    Highest Paid Job: Healthcare-Doctor/Diagnosis
    Php 153, 333

    6. Singapore
    Highest Paid Job: Engineering-Related
    Php 138,000

    7. Saudi Arabia
    Highest Paid Job: Public Relations/Communications
    Php 138,000

    8. Macau
    Highest Paid Job: Engineering/Related
    Php 118,333

    9. Bahrain
    Highest Paid Job: Architecture/Interior Design
    Php 113,030

    10. Oman
    Highest Paid Job:Custom Service- Related
    Php 95,000

    In terms of specialization, those in the healthcare (doctor/diagnosis) industry, particularly paediatricians and gynaecologists have the highest salary with a monthly average salary of P111,620.

    Other top paying specializations include Process Design and Control/Instrumentation (Php87,027), Public Relations/Communications (Php83,375), Aviation/Aircraft Maintenance (Php81, 149), Law/Legal Services (Php80,500), Education/Training and Development (Php62,438), Quality Control/Assurance (Php58,463), IT-Related (Php57,639), Engineering-Related (Php57,102) and Architecture/Interior Design (Php55,660).

    --Mini, The Summit Express

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