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MANILA, Philippines - Social media has given netizens a venue to freely express themselves and voice out their opinions online. However, it has also become an outlet for cyberbullies to throw attacks and harass their preys.

Recently, a female Anti-Marcos protester was subjected to online harassment after she received rape threats and vulgar comments on her photo while rallying against the burial of the late strongman. A group of lawyers, law students and even IT students have decided to take action against her bullies and are now working to file cases against her harassers.

What to do when harassed online
If you become a victim of online harassment, you can stand against your cyberbullies and fight harassment. Here are some tips from the Department of Justice Cybercrime Division Group:

1. Report online harassment cases to either DOJ Cybercrime Division, National Bureau of Investigation Cybercrime Division and Philippine National Police Cybercrime Group.

2. According to the DOJ, any victim can file a report against cybercrimes or online harassment. However, it must be done personally by the victim or a representative.

3. When filing a report, it is important that you show evidence of cyberbullying and harassment as this will be the basis of any case that will be filed. This means you have to collect “receipts” or screenshots that can help prove the crime.

4. Once you have gathered all the necessary evidence, go to the he cybercrime divisions of the PNP, NBI or the DOJ.

5. You will be asked to file a formal complaint by submitting an affidavit that details the cybercrime committed against you.

According to the DOJ, it will take about a week to verify the initial evidence collected. This will then be assigned to an investigator who will be responsible for surveillance and collection of further evidence. If the investigator sees probable cause, he or she can apply for a search warrant to the court before filing formal charges.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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