Netizen shares horrifying experience at Kidzoona in viral Facebook post

MANILA, Philippines - A parent narrates a distressing encounter in a local child-role playing center after his two-year old kid got into a serious accident and was denied of any emergency or medical assistance.

Netizen shares horrifying experience at Kidzoona in viral Facebook post

On Tuesday, a certain Oscar Tan Abing Jr said in a lengthy post on Facebook how his two-year old child was neglected of any medical assistance at Kidzoona in UpTown Mall, Bonifacio Global City, after the child got injured resulting to a deep cut that needs medical surgery.

The incident happened on October 31 around 4:00 in the afternoon. Abing and his brother decided to leave their 4 kids at Kidzoona to catch up with their wives, thinking that the place is safe for kids and trust as they were also accompanied by their respective nanny.

But just after few minutes, Abing’s brother received a call saying that his kid is injured and bleeding.

“I immediately ran from Mary Grace Resto from the top floor to KIDZOONA as fast as I could and found out that My FirstBorn Son (2yr& 9month old) was bleeding and there was NO proper attention given to him.... No First Aid... No Managers was around. As if it is not a serious injury,” Abing wrote.

As he arrived, his two-year old son was crying and seems like truly in pain, both the nanny’s uniform and the child’s towel were soaked with blood. Abing immediately followed his instinct, grabbed his child and run to the nearest hospital.

He added that no manager, staff nor any medical personnel was around to help his son.

“No one from Kidzoona was helping us, no nurse, they never called for an emergency. As if they are downplaying the incident. (Pls refer to the photos of the wounds posted and kindly judge for yourself if it's a minor incident/injury for a 2yr old)” he wrote.

Abing plead to his brother to stay at Kidzoona, investigate and ask for a CCTV video to show them what had happened. But the staff at the place was reluctant to help, according to him they only did move when his brother reported it to the administration of the UpTown Mall.

Kidzoona even denied to give them a copy of the CCTV footage for a proper investigation, allegedly needs approval from the higher management to have it.

Abing’s family learned that his son tripped and fell face first to one of Kidzoona’s role-playing table. This resulted to a serious cut, 1.5cm 2 muscle deep by the kid’s eyebrow that needs undergo a surgery to sew the wound. The doctors told them that the kid wouldn’t grow any hair on that injured part of his eyebrows. In the post, he questioned if Kidzoona is truly a safe zone for the kids.

Abing’s Facebook post immediately went viral with 14,000 likes and was shared by more than 19,000 times. The comment section of the post flooded with concerned parents urging Abing to file charges against Kidzoona.

Kidzoona viral post
Kidzoona viral post
Kidzoona viral post
Kidzoona viral post

As of press time, Abing’s son had undergone surgery and will be checked for if there’s any further damage on his brain or bones. He only asks now for prayers both for his kid and wife whom took it hardest, emotionally since the incident.

According to Premises Liability Law, “In any event that an accident like slip and fall takes place on any legal property, there is a high chance for the injured victim to claim premises liability and make the property owner legally responsible for the accident.”

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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