Samsung, Apple and Huawei bare after-sales service programs

    The decision in purchasing mobile phones has always been a game of specs and hardware. Often neglected, but equally important is the after-sales service phone brands provide. Filipinos normally resort to DIYs such as visiting Greenhills for their trusted technician and Youtube how-to videos for a quick fix.

    Huawei bare after-sales service programs
    Photo Credit: Huawei Kuwait consumer website
    Yet we all know that nothing works better compared to having your very own phone brand’s after-sales service team work their magic.

    Samsung is known for having service centers within their stores where consumers can find approachable agents to assist them. Additionally, sales ladies also offer their assistance for simple repairs like updating software. If outside their expertise, they are ready to lead the consumers to customer service agents.

    Samsung after sales service
    Photo Credit: Greenhills Shopping Center website
    Apple has been receiving mostly raves for its Apple Care service, mainly from consumers who have received new units as temporary replacement to their devices being fixed. Some rant though on the lead time it takes for their devices to get fixed or the lack of parts due to their devices easily getting phased out.

    Challenger brand, Huawei, goes non-conventional and follows suit as concierge services. Huawei’s after-sales service offers a hassle-free alternative: just call the Huawei Customer Service Hotline to arrange for a free pick-up and delivery of your device/s. Consumers do not have to visit the website and troubleshoot their devices online. They can easily inform Huawei’s Customer Support Service regarding their problem then they can have one less thing to worry about.

    Indeed, the mobile phone photography game has changed. The next time you purchase a phone, try thinking beyond the best camera and all other specs. Ensure that your mobile phone brand gives you also the best after-sales service customized according to your needs and busy lifestyle.
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