Petition Asks Facebook to Suspend ‘Mocha Uson Blog’

MANILA, Philippines - Netizen Paul Quilet has started an online to petition to have Mocha Uson’s Facebook page suspended through According to Quilet, the sexy performer’s social network page spreads false information about important issues in the country and has become instrumental in widening the gap between President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters and his critics.

Petition Asks Facebook to Suspend ‘Mocha Uson Blog’

In his petition, Quilet wrote: “Mocha Uson, a Filipino entertainer-turned-Duterte die-hard supporter uses her Facebook page to spread fictitious and false information about pressing issues in the Philippines, from the role the USAID plays in the country to malicious and false news concerning other government officials, eliciting unwarranted hate from the public. The said Facebook page widens the rift between those who support the current administration and those who are critical of it.”

The petition, which needs to be signed by 25,000 supporters, has already amassed over 20,000 signatures since it was filed on Sunday, October 23.

UPDATE: Facebook account of Anti-Mocha Uson petitioner gets suspended

After learning about the petition, Uson urged her followers to follow the Mocha Girls page just in case her account gets suspended.

“May mga nagsusumbong po sa akin may nag petition daw para i-suspend ang page natin. Ano daw po masasabi ko.Eto lang po- Let’s pray for them. The Lord said to pray and bless for your enemies. Then let's obey po,” Uson wrote in her post.

With over 4 million followers, the Facebook page of Mocha Uson, a die-hard supporter of Duterte, became an instrumental tool during the firebrand leader’s campaign period. Because of her page’s influence, Uson was tapped by the Bureau of Customs (BOC) to disseminate their reform agenda through her blog. Although she was not officially appointed as the BOC’s social media consultant, she gave the government agency some tips on how to improve their social media activities.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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