Netizens Share Their Impressive Experiences with 911 Philippines

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine national emergency hotline, 911, was launched last August 1 as one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s measures to fight criminality and corruption within three to six months. Derived from Davao City’s Central 911, the city’s emergency hotline provides medical rescue, fire, police assistance and K-9 unit.

Netizens Share Their Impressive Experiences with 911 Philippines
What’s your 911 PH experience?
On social media, several netizens have shared their positive experiences with 911 Philippines.

Facebook user Andrew Harder’s vehicle tire exploded while traversing Mandaluyong on his way to his residence in Manila. Realizing that he needed a tow truck to solve his problem, Harder contacted 911 and was immediately connected to a female agent who identified herself as “Code 2125” for they were not allowed to reveal their real names.

Harder provided information such as details about the incident, his exact location, his vehicle’s description as well as his contact details. He was advised to stay inside his vehicle and relax while she tries to coordinate the issue with their road emergency assistance team.

While waiting for help to arrive, Harder received calls from the agent several times for updates. Fifteen minutes after he made the call, an MMDA team arrived at the scene to offer help. The team head even apologized to Harder for keeping him waiting.

Harder was already prepared to pay P2,500 to P3,000 for the hauling fee but to his surprise, the team head informed him that the towing service was free of charge.

“For the first time in my existence I felt treated like a boss by our goverment and all these taxes we are footing is/was worthwhile afterall. If this occur during the time of the previous administration, I would've felt the sincerity and weight of (his) famous line "Kayo ang boss ko,” Harder wrote in his post.

Netizen Bella Caraan, through a post shared on the Facebook page of PINOY OFW Sa Buong Mundo, recounted how 911 Philippines saved the life of a woman in despair outside a shopping mall. Apparently, Caraan and her husband sought the help of 911 Philippines after seeing the woman, who was with her young daughter, crying and having difficulty breathing. Less than 30 minutes after making the call to emergency hotline, a team of 7 medics arrived at the scene to promptly respond to the needs of the woman. The woman along with her daughter was immediately rushed to the hospital through an ambulance.

“Sana ang media tulungan bigyan ng awareness ang ordinaryong tao na may ganto na tayong serbisyo, marami ang nakapalibot at nakiusyuso kay ate, nung nagdial ako 911 may isa dun na nagtatanong if totoo ba dw ang 911 at kung gumagana na ito, natuwa sila ng may sumagot at lalo na nung may nagrescue na sa mag ina.#kudos911team at MMDA,” Caraan said in her post.

Harder and Caraan are hoping that their stories would make people aware that 911 Philippines is legit and properly functioning.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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