New modus operandi uses online seller’s bank information to scam other people

MANILA, Philippines - Netizen Ann Krista B. Calderon almost fell prey to a new modus operandi that utilizes an online seller’s bank account information to scam unsuspecting people online.

In a viral Facebook post, Calderon shared her encounter with an alleged scammer who inquired about her items for sale on Instagram. The alleged scammer asked for her bank account details after expressing her intention to buy some of Calderon’s books, which cost P500.

After a few days, the alleged scammer informed Calderon that she already deposited the payment. However, instead of sending P500, she mistakenly sent her P50,000, which she claimed was intended for a seller of a Chanel bag. The alleged scammer then asked Calderon to forward the excess amount to the bank account of a certain Krissia Angelique Gannod.

Since the transaction involves huge amount, Calderon decided to research online about Gannod before sending the money. It was then that Calderon discovered that Gannod was a scammer.

New modus operandi uses online seller’s bank information to scam

Upon learning this, she asked the alleged scammer if Gannod was a legit seller. Calderon later sensed that something was wrong since the alleged scammer claimed that Gannod was a legit seller and that she had transaction with her three times.

Not content with the alleged scammer’s claims, Calderon asked her to send additional proof that she was the one who deposited the money. The alleged scammer came up with several excuses but failed to give any proof. Calderon then realized that the alleged scammer was using her name and bank account details to fool someone else.

“I felt very uneasy keeping the money for days knowing it wasn't mine, but I was more afraid to send it to someone who I knew had evil plans for it,” Calderon wrote in her post.

In the hopes of finding the owner of the money, Calderon posted her story on Instagram. After a few days, she found out a scam-related post that included her name which prompted her to contact the person. She eventually found out that the person was also victimized by the alleged scammer.

New modus operandi uses online seller’s bank information to scam
Calderon finds out that she wasn’t the only victim. PHOTO CREDIT:
“She too was a victim of this scam, she doesn't own the money as well, she was also "mistakenly sent" a certain amount of money that was (according to the scammer again) intended for me and that's why the money ended up with me. The money has been passed on to two people excluding the owner before it could reach the scammer (which it didn't of course), to make it harder for the victims to understand what was going on.”

With the help of the branch manager of the involved bank, Calderon found the real owner of the money.

“Let this serve as a warning to all to be very cautious when purchasing stuff online. Also, if you receive an unexpected amount of money in your bank accounts, never ever deposit it to just anyone who claims to own it, let them file a complain at the bank instead,” Calderon warned netizens.

Check out the full story below.

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