Market vendor places P60-lottery bet, takes home P27-M

MANILA, Philippines - For the past twenty years, a 70-year-old food market vendor from San Juan City has been trying his luck in the lottery. Last October 22, he finally hit the jackpot and won over P27 million after placing a bet of P60 on his randomly picked numbers 09-10-21-31-41-02.

Market vendor places P60-lottery bet, takes home P27-M
According to Philippine Charity Sweepstakes (PCSO) General Manager Alexander Balutan, the lone bettor, whose identity was not disclosed for safety and security reasons, claimed his prize last October 24 at the PCSO main office in Mandaluyong City.

Balutan revealed that the winner plans to allot the money for the needs of his family as well as for business. He advised the jackpot winner to keep his winning as a secret as many family members would ask for a giveaway.

Financial adviser Dr. Francisco Colayco advised lottery winners to evaluate first their current financial situation before spending a single centavo from their prize. According to the financial expert, winning bettors should determine the value of their assets and liabilities. However, he noted that not all debts should be paid right away as those with higher interest should be prioritized.

“Hindi naman dapat lahat bayaran, may mga utang na maganda i-maintain as utang,” Colangco advised.

How to claim sweepstakes prize?

In order to claim your lottery prize, you must bring a valid ID, a community tax certificate and your winning ticket/s.

Here’s a step-by-step guide in claiming your prize.

1. Present all the requirements to the PCSO main office.

2. To establish absolute ownership and authenticate your winning ticket/s, you need to present your winning ticket/s at the Prize Audit Division, Internal Audit Department. Don’t forget to affix your signature at the back of the ticket/s.

3. Accomplish the claim form.

4. Bring your authenticated winning ticket/s and approved claim form to the Treasury Department.
5. After the Chairman/General Manager signs your check, you can now receive your prize from the Treasury Department.

6. You may encash your check at thePhilippine National Bank / Land Bank of the Philippines inside the PCSO compound.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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