Netizens post #HindiKamiBots photos to show support to Mocha Uson

MANILA, Philippines - Sexy performer-turned-political blogger Mocha Uson has posted several photos of Duterte supporters holding signs with the hashtag #HindiKamiBots to disprove Maria Ressa’s allegations that followers of her Facebook page are bots and fake account.

Netizens post #HindiKamiBots photos to show support to Mocha Uson

In her viral Facebook post on Sunday, October 9, Uson urged her supporters to post their photos after Rappler published Ressa’s article titled “How Facebook algorithms impact democracy.”

Netizens post #HindiKamiBots photos to show support to Mocha Uson

In the article, Ressa claimed that fake accounts, anonymous pages and bots “anchor” on Uson’s page to amplify their accounts’ reach. As a result, Uson’s page becomes more powerful and effective in creating a social movement due to “increased engagement and invisible web of actions” allowing her page to connect with others and take advantage of Facebook’s algorithms.

“This partly explains why Uson’s posts can compete – and, often, beat – news groups. All it takes is for a committed group to organize click farms and trolls, paid or not. Or be outlandishly controversial, quite easy if truth doesn't matter,” Ressa wrote in her article.

In a separate post, Uson revealed that her Facebook page has the top Facebook engagement for the week of October 9. With over 2 million engagement on the social network, Uson’s page beat traditional media such as ABS-CBN News, GMA News, Rappler and Inquirer.

Here are some of the photos of netizens holding #HindiKamiBots signs:

Netizens have also started an unfollow campaign against Rappler’s Facebook page carrying the hashtags #UnfollowRappler and #UnlikeRapplerChallenge. Rappler, which had over 3 million followers last October 9, quickly lost many of its followers amid the news site’s controversial issue with Uson. It has 2,971,889 followers as of this writing.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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