The 5 Types of Teachers You've Met in Your Lifetime

Though they come in all shapes and sizes, at some point in our lives, we’ve met the same types of teachers that made us wept, laughed and inspired to study and maybe even forced to (‘cause they are that strict and scary!)

 5 types of teachers you've met in your lifetime

As a tribute for World Teacher’s Day, this is for all the wonderful educators who painted our academic life in various colors, here are the 5 types of them you’ve met in your lifetime!

1. The "Military-Strict" Teacher

This kind of teacher is the reason why you all huddle before her subject period starts. While waiting, maybe some of your classmates are giddy nervous reading their notes. Once the class sight her coming, they will suddenly turn to a more ‘disciplined’ students. But if this teacher can’t make it to the class, the room erupts to a fiesta!

2. The “Clown” Teacher

If the class has their worst or scary subject period, they make way for this subject as the funny teacher is on its way to tickle both their bones and their brains! From homework, tests, lessons, activities, and even on the board, this teacher always has funny jokes for the class.

3. The “Coach” Teacher

The coach teacher is not called by “Sir” but is addressed by “Coach.” He’s both the school’s sports team trainer and most likely your class’ Physical Education (PE) adviser. Much to some of your classmates’ delight, your PE session is much like their varsity team warm up. Expect the coach teacher to likely call members from the varsity in your class on recitation.

4. The "I-am-to-retire" Teacher

This teacher has been with the school since its early beginning. Now she is older and very much the perfect candidate for retirement! She was then an excellent teacher, and she still tries hard to teach. This teacher still gives homework but often forgets to check it the next day. Much to some of your classmates’ delight.

5. The Inspiring Teacher

This teacher is loved by your class as often soft spoken but is worth hearing for.

When he/she’s teaching, the class listens (even the “boys at the back.”) Her lessons are crafted well for the students. This inspiring teacher is considerate on quizzes, and sometimes on exams. He/she truly lights up your academic experience, inspiring you to ace that test!

(Most often than not on Teacher’s Day, the inspiring teacher receives a lot!)

Ah, teachers we love them, sometimes we hate them. But one thing’s for sure—they’re our first wings to conquer the next stage in our academic life. They had been our second parents at school. We may or may not see it, these teachers has touched and change our lives in more ways than one.

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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