Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes in little boy’s hand

A 6-year-old boy from Brooklyn, New York is the latest victim of an overheating battery of the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The young boy reportedly suffered burns on his body while using the phone at home on September 10. According to a report by the New York Post, the Note7 exploded while he was watching videos.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes in little boy’s hand
PHOTO CREDIT: Business Insider
The boy’s grandmother Linda Lewis told the New York Post: ”The child was watching videos on the phone when the battery exploded.”

After the explosion, the family immediately called 911 and had the boy rushed to Downstate Medical Center for treatment. He is now back home recuperating but has refused to get near any phones after the traumatic incident.

Samsung, which earlier issued a global recall of the flagship device following numerous reports that Note 7’s battery can overheat and cause a fire, acknowledged the incident in a statement but has refused to give any comment while the case is being thoroughly investigated.

"We take every report very seriously and have contacted the Lewis family to learn more about their situation," the Korean phone manufacturer said in a statement.

At least 35 separate incidents of batteries exploding have been reported prompting Samsung to issue a recall of the beleaguered flagship device. A report by Time revealed that a vehicle in the US was set on fire after the Note7 charging inside burst into flames. Meanwhile, an Australian man’s Note 7 exploded while charging in his hotel room causing more than $1,300 worth of damages.

Samsung has strongly advised unit owners to turn off their devices as soon as possible and have them replaced. In the Philippines, device owners can trade in their Note 7 units for new and fixed Note 7 units at the store where they bought it beginning Saturday, October 1. Owners need to bring the unit, product box, proof of purchase and one valid ID.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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