PBB: 'Lucky Season 7' Teen Second Eviction Night Results

MANILA, Philippines - Rita Gabiola, popularly known as "Badjao Girl" was evicted from the Big Brother house during the second eviction night for teen edition of 'Lucky Season 7' on Saturday, September 3.

Rita Gabiola has just been evicted on Pinoy Big Brother house.
Rita Gabiola has just been evicted from the Pinoy Big Brother house. Photo Credit: PBB/ABS-CBN
Same with the previous eviction night, there was no public voting to determine the latest evictee. The results were based solely on the housemate's ability to win the 'Lig-task' challenge.

Nominated housemates with the help of their chosen co-housemates were tasked to build a tower from Rubik's cube. Kristine picked Edward Barber, Christian chose Vivoree Esclito, Heaven selected Yong' Muhajil while Rita opted for assistance of Maymay Entrata.

Rita got the lowest height of the tower, 13 cube, in the challenge.

Housemates who were saved from eviction include Christian Morones, Heaven Peralejo, Kristine Hammond. Christian and Kristine were able to build 18-cube tower while Heaven got 14.

 'Lucky Season 7' Teen Second Eviction Night Results

The 'PBB Padaluck' final results were also announced on Saturday. Heaven got one-minute advantage in doing the task as she received the highest number of mentions, 154,364. Meanwhile, Christian, Kristine and Rita garnered 5,875, 33,572 and 128,248 mentions, respectively.

The 12-year-old lass from Quezon, who had a couple of breakdowns inside the "Pinoy Big Brother" house, was nominated due to her supposed immaturity and lack of cooperation in their recent task.

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