The #PakGanernChallenge brings you back to your childhood memories

MANILA, Philippines – Another “challenge” is taking the Filipino netizens by storm and is now making its way mainstream. The #PakGanernChallenge is not just your average hyped dares on social media, it brings you back to your childhood memories.

#PakGanernChallenge brings you back to your childhood memories

Definitely #PakGanernChallenge has taken the interest of Filipino millennials. The hand maneuver game is said to resemble how “Nanay-Tatay-gusto-ko-tinapay” works—a Filipino game everyone did back in their childhood. One can even claim it as the new millennial version of the former.

#PakGanernChallenge was started by an entertainment group Pilyoz Dancing Statueswhom according to them, created the game as an entertainment to diverge from all the negativity happening around.

A second version of the challenge is created by friends Ericka Lumbro and Leorie James Balito, which popularized it even more.

The game resembles how “Nanay-Tatay-gusto-ko-tinapay” works. But one must have a quick mind under pressure and some hip shaking moves.

Rules are simple, all must be in sync on how many “Pak” and “Ganern” you’ll do. As the game lasts the ‘Pak’ and the ‘Ganern’ must too, until someone miscalculates and misses a ‘Pak’ or a ‘Ganern’

The challenge is really fun and interesting that it made its way to afternoon TV as Vice Ganda and other “It’s Showtime” hosts picks it up and play the game.


A video posted by Jose Marie Viceral (@praybeytbenjamin) on

And on show!

That started boosts the made-up game’s social media popularity—now everyone else’s hip is swaying doing the #PakGanernChallenge.

There are other steps of the game that may spice up popularized steps of the game…

You can play it by many...

Or even go for a just-you-and-me mode!

#PakGanernChallenge really made an impact to our childhood selves that people are bringing it back to the streets and getting caught by the CCTV doing the deed!

Before #PakGanernChallenge is another different challenge as netizens sing songs, and lines in movies replacing it with the phrases ‘Pak’ and ‘Ganern’. It was also subjected into various memes.


Invite your friends to relieve your childhood selves in #PakGanernChallenge and tag us in your videos!

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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