WATCH: Are You Up for the #FlipBottleChallenge?

    Social media “challenges” hyped the use of the sites millennials most ‘hangout’ to. As these quirky dares brought out the best and more-often-than-not funniest in ourselves and the squad.

    Are You Up for the #FlipBottleChallenge?
    Are you up for tossing bottles in smooth fashion? Do the #FlipBottleChallenge now.
    #FlipBottleChallenge is one of those viral dares circulating Facebook. As tons of millennials toss bottles up in the air, calculating and possibly praying the half-filled bottle will land in a smooth fashion.

    The challenge is simple; one must fill an empty bottle in half, toss it and watch if the world decides if you’ll have an upturned bottle or not. Better have few practice tosses, and dependable friends who will be at your best and not laugh at your worst before filming the whole thing.

    We’ve listed 5 of the best #FlipBottleChallenge viral now in Facebook, see how upturned, hilarious and awesome it turned out!

    5. Roger Llamado

    4. Geline Halili Tañedo

    3. James Luis Blanco’s #FlipBottleChallenge

    2. Amorsolo Callado

    1. Arman Lezeff Laureano and friends

    Are you up for tossing bottles in smooth fashion? Do the #FlipBottleChallenge and tag us on your videos!

    --Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express
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