Pokemon GO—gone before our eyes?

MANILA, Philippines – Niantic’s virtual reality app may be the most popular game right now in the country, as it was freshly released last August 6. Well, it’s not truly the case right now in the world.

Pokemon Go decline Philippines

A recent report made Survey Monkey Inc., claimed that Pokemon GO has reached it’s peaked in the US soil. According to them, the game user’s base hit 25 million players in the United States last July 14, a week after its premiere in US. It has been declining ever since.

Pokemon GO usage peaked
Photo credit: surveymonkey.com
Same goes to the download reach which peaked on July 12th , but then decreases. As to the search interest that peaked on July 16th, which gradually falls after.

Pokemon GO peaked
Photo credit: surveymonkey.com
Pokemon GO search
Photo credit: surveymonkey.com
According to an article by comicbook.com, there are few reasons as to why Pokemon Go are having problems keeping the players engaged;

First were the often server issues that bugged the players since the release of the game.

Second, players complain that the virtual reality game goes aggressively harder as the player level up—especially if the player isn’t keen on spending hours to get on double-digit levels.

Last, Niantic has also admitted that the game has just 10% of its planned featured currently. This results to limited gameplay options which can be a factor to players to get bored out of the game easily, deciding rather to not—“catch ‘em all.”

Pokemon GO might have been slowly declining in US, the fever is still on Canada, Japan, Great Britain and even on Asian countries especially here in the Philippines.

Niantic Labs has said to just finish the game’s worldwide release before adding additional features, like training, trading and maybe even the most awaited—real time Player vs. Player Pokemon duels.

Pokemon GO continues to dominate on both Google Play and Apple App Store charts proving the well-loved childhood videogame’s spotlight that isn’t over yet.

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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