AFTERMATH: Netizens weigh in on ‘MRT Girl’

MANILA, Philippines – It has been a week since the hype of the ‘MRT Girl’ or ‘Upuan Girl’ surfaced and made rounds in social media. The face of the trend, Karla Monique Olandesca deactivated her Facebook account a second too late as the post went viral and the ‘MRT Girl’ found herself subjected into every meme as netizens dig up Olandesca’s each and every post.

Netizens weigh in on ‘MRT Girl’

As the criticisms and negative comment to Olandesca still roams social media. We’ve gathered netizens opinion regarding the incident. Here are some of them;

Some tries to put halt on the outrage of negativity being thrown to Olandesca;

While some, caution the effect of the outrage to ‘MRT Girl’ in the intensity of the hatred…

As some, call this as a distraction to what the Filipino netizens should be really focusing about;

Even the ‘Amalayer’--Paula Jamie Salvosa tries to reach out to ‘MRT Girl’

While some had enough of the incident for their lifetime;

Now the Olandesca is said tucked away in a Facebook account named Maxene Montero. In a Facebook post, Olandesca claimed that she had already reached out to the guy she posted about, whom identified as Aldrin Ryan Alcon.

Olandesca is said tucked away in a Facebook account named Maxene Montero
Photo Credit: FlairPH

Recently, Alcon finally posted his side of the viral post. He had also dismissed other Facebook pages and accounts claiming to be him. Read Alcon’s post below;

Aldrin Alcon Facebook post

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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