'Taga Pasahe' no more! Ordinary white taxis now allowed to enter NAIA

    MANILA, Philippines - Change has finally come at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)! Within just two weeks after taking the lead, President Rody Duterte has already unlocked various achievements at the country's main airports under the administration of newly installed Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager, Eddie Monreal. Today, Monday, July 18, ordinary white taxis are now allowed to enter and pick up passengers from both domestic and international airports.

    Say goodbye to long taxi cue lines and "taga pasahe" airport transport scam.
    Say goodbye to long taxi cue lines and "taga pasahe" airport transport scam.

    Foreigners and local tourists used to complain about the long cue lines at the airport. Aside from waiting for hours in order to get a ride to their destinations, customers also grumbled on incredible taxi fare charged by airport cab operators. Foreigners are often priced three to four times more than the regular rates given to the locals.

    Early last week, the new General Manager announced that the airport administration had seen the need and urgency to provide more gang chairs in all terminals to benefit the passengers who are waiting for their flights. Monreal saw the struggle of the travelers who spent hours on the floor while waiting for their boarding time.

    Aside from passengers getting cozy and convenient stay at the country's airports, fear of getting victimized by "tanim bala" syndicate has also been solved for everyone's peace of mind under the strict order of President Duterte through the implementation of Aviation Security Group (Avesegroup) Director Mao Aplasca.

    Duterte ordered that no passenger shall be arrested if ever he or she will be caught with a bullet in his or her luggage. Instead, the ammunition will only be confiscated and the person carrying it will only sign some papers for proper documentation.

    The newly seated leader wanted the public to know that he really cares for everyone at the airport and wishes everybody a fair treatment and accommodation. He visited the domestic terminal last week to take his flight to Davao via a commercial flight where he was cheerfully greeted by local and foreign travelers. The president refused to be given any VIP treatment inside the airport and went through the standard process just like any other ordinary passengers. Duterte also ordered MIAA not clear the runway for him so that no flights will be delayed.

    After all, the President wants everyone to have a comfortable, safe airport experience and to clear NAIA, which has been branded globally as the world's worst airport.

    --Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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