Mysterious video bomber at Duterte inauguration finally uncovered

MANILA, Philippines - Newly proclaimed and 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines, Rodrigo "Rody" Roa Duterte has officially taken over the country's top leadership yesterday, June 30 at the Malacanang Palace.

Mysterious video bomber at Duterte inauguration finally uncovered
This shady man video bombed on national TV twice. His real identity has been finally revealed.

It was a simple but historical event. For the very first time in Philippine political history the president and the vice president swore their respective oaths in two different venues.

President Duterte, who's well known for living in an un-extravagant lifestyle wished that his proclamation day must be a simple one. From his inauguration day outfit, to the snacks which have been served to everyone and even to the VIPs were too plain and common.

He also promised to deliver a short but impactful speech which he pulled off. A fifteen-minute oration has been addressed in front of over six hundred guests and millions of Filipinos who witnessed the event on TV.

The President, aside from being frank and furious is also known for his humor and out of nowhere jokes that made him loved by many. But that doesn't mean that he's insincere. In fact, political analysts lauded him for addressing a very short message. For them, Duterte's lectio brevis shows that the former Davao City Mayor puts his actions more to works and not by merely words. In the ending part of his talk, the President uttered a joke that made the crowd laugh. Even the new PNP Chief, Gen. Bato Dela Rosa was caught on camera bobbling his head with an ultra wide smile on his face.

Aside from Chief Dela Rosa, there was another mysterious man and a sort of "video bomber" caught on tape goofing during Duterte's proclamation event. Believe it or not, the shady bald-headed man was also present during the final presidential debate hosted by ABS-CBN couple of months ago. And guess what? He was also caught on air jesting with his wacky facial expressions.

Netizens got curious of the identity of this man. At first, everyone thought that he was just a random bystander who attended the debate. But when he once again appeared on TV in a barong, the netizens wondered more and asked who that man really is.

Watch the viral video here:

Obviously, he's a Duterte supporter and must be a Davaoeno. We dug deeper and found out that he's a Duterte family friend and a lawyer. The mystery man has now been uncovered, his name is Atty. Alexis Lumbatan, political adviser of Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo "Pulong" Duterte.

The jolly aura of Atty. Lumbatan not only made him as Davao City's finest lawyers but a great wedding emcees as well.

It's really glad to know that President Duterte and his allies have soft and funny sides. But once again, it doesn't mean that they are soft in terms of governance. Both Duterte and Dela Rosa are still dead serious to hunt the drug pushers down. Despite of their goofiness, they will still implement their iron fists in cleaning up the country from illegal drugs in three to six months.

--Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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