LOOK: Vlogger calls Nacpan beach in Palawan as “world’s most beautiful beach”

Christian LeBlanc, a 22-year-old travel blogger from Vancouver Canada, has called Palawan’s Nacpan Beach as the world’s most beautiful.

Nacpan beach in Palawan as “world’s most beautiful beach”

In a vlog titled “The Most Beautiful Beach” he posted on his YouTube Channel, Le Blanc documented their experience in the beach situated in El Nido, Palawan.

According to Le Blanc, Nacpan has the best pristine sand and the clearest water. Although he and and his girlfriend Laura had been to El Nido last year and experienced “horrible accommodation”, they decided to come back to see the paradise once again.

In the caption of the video he wrote: “Looking for the most beautiful beach in the world? Nacpan beach in Palawan Philippines easily takes the cake. We visited it the year before and we were excited to see very little had changed.”

Nacpan beach in Palawan as “world’s most beautiful beach”

The travel vlogger, who also visited other popular tourists spots in the Philippines such as Cebu, Boracay and Dumaguete believes that the Nacpan beach would see development very soon.

“It’s only a matter of time the Nacpan beach is just as built as El Nido is or Boracay because it’s up there. It’s even above these beaches.”

Calling it his “100% favorite beach”, Le Blanc urged travellers not to miss Nacpan beach if they’re in El Nido.

Nacpan, along with its twin beach Calitang, is deemed as the best among the beaches in El Nido. It is located in Baranggay Bucana, which is 25 kilometres north of El Nido town in the mainland of Bacuit Bay. Compared to other beaches and islands in El Nido, Nacpan beach remains unexploited and uncommercialized. Since it is not often visited by people, tourists can get to lounge, swim in and bask freely in this stunner.

To go to Nacpan beach, take a van or a tricycle from El Nido town proper. Although this beach is not usually included in island-hopping tours, most travel agencies and tour operators offer trips to this paradise.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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