INFOGRAPHIC: How well do you know about Philippine Independence?

MANILA - Philippines has been known around the world for its rich and diverse culture that has truly captivated the hearts of many tourists -- foreign and local alike. But did you know that its rich and diverse culture roots down to one of the world's most interesting history known to man? While many people are aware that June 12 indeed holds a special place in many Filipino's hearts, there are still many that are unaware of its true essence.

Philippine Independence 2016
After a century, it’s time to assess how well you know the history behind our much celebrated freedom. Right now, 65% of the population fall below the 40-year-old age bracket. How well do the youth know their history? Do they know which accounts are accurate and not?

Here's an infographic on what went down on June 12, one of the pivotal moments in Philippine history, plus facts that you would want to know (courtesy of M2.0, a PR agency in the Philippines.

118 Years After: How Well Do You Know About Philippine Independence?

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