WATCH: Mom quits corporate job, finds real work-family balance

There is no singular definition of the ideal mother, especially in today’s world. Outdated notions, like the belief that there should be a tradeoff between family and career, have been thrown out the window, and in its place is a more inclusive understanding of what it takes to be a great mom. Now, we see a more empowered woman, with a plethora of parenting choices in front of her -- able to choose what is right for her own situation.

Genny Ibarra, a modern mom shares her story of balancing work and family with Uber.
Genny Ibarra, a modern mom shares her story of balancing work and family with Uber.
With the introduction of more flexible work options, moms are presented with a unique option -- to be able to spend time with their family while pursuing their passions and earning money as well.

Genny Ibarra had a high-flying career in human resources, but she felt that she needed to make a choice between having a career or starting a family. To make way for focusing on conceiving a child, she quit her nine-to-five job. Not long after doing so, she gave birth to her daughter Mikkai, and soon realized that raising her daughter would take precedence over anything else.

But after a few years, Genny yearned for something more, she felt she could do more but she was not ready to give up the active role she plays in rearing Mikkai. That’s when Genny decided to be an Uber Partner.

Watch Genny's inspiring story here:

“With Uber, I don’t need to choose between working and caring for my family,” Genny said. “I have the freedom to work and be there with my family as soon as they need me.”

According to Genny, she enjoys the fact that she can work at her own pace. Doing what she can to help with the family finances, while still being part of the most significant milestones in her daughter’s life.

“What’s important to me is that my family has a solid relationship, because at the end of the day my family is more valuable to me than anything. With Uber, it gives me the capability to balance the things most important to me,” Genny concludes.

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