No place for Leni in Duterte Cabinet?

    MANILA, Philippines - It was earlier reported that president-elect Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte will definitely be assigning a cabinet position to Cong. Leni Robredo whether she wins or loses the vice presidential race. But as of yesterday, May 28, the incoming president said there's no Cabinet post yet for her vice president.

    President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, VP-elect Leni Robredo.
    President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, VP-elect Leni Robredo. Photo Credit: Respective Facebook pages.
    In the eve of Cong. Robredo’s victory, media has asked her if ever she’ll be given a chance to pick a department in the government, what would it be. Mrs. Robredo was anticipating on Duterte’s word days after the national elections that she’ll be considered to handle a cabinet position along with the Davao City Mayor’s vice presidential running mate Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano. In response to that question, the soft-spoken widow of former DILG secretary Jessie Robredo frankly informed the public that she’ll choose the agency that will take care of the poor people like DSWD.

    Shots were fired at Cong. Leni when his soon-to-be boss said in an interview that it never crossed his mind to give her a cabinet position. Worst, the vocal Duterte uttered: “I don’t know her. I said I’ve not considered anything for her. I’m more worried about where I would place the friends na nagkautang ako ng loob.” These words are all in contrary to what he as stated early this month.

    It’s not a secret that Duterte, along with his board of advisers have already drawn a draft list of his preferred cabinet members. Friends, classmates and political allies’ names are on the whitelist together with a handful of leftists, who, according to the president elect are impressive and are highly qualified to manage the positions that will be assigned to them.

    Tatay Digong really wants a very transparent government. According to him, transparency will really and should start with the government officials down to the employees. In this regard, he promised to publish every job openings publicly and everyone should strictly follow the correct process. Referrals from the seated leaders is no good for him. Once the applicant is recommended by an official, he or she will automatically be declined. This is the reason also why he’s so kind to publicize his cabinet members wishlist.

    Promising a drug-free country during his six-year term, Mayor Duterte has already announced that he himself will head the DILG to directly supervise the entire PNP and execute his blueprint in crime and drug busting. In Leni Robredo’s case, it will be almost close to being impossible now for her to have a cabinet position. Together with this is her closest vice presidential rival, Sen. BongBong Marcos’ plan of filing a protest for his alleged electoral cheating accusations towards Atty. Robredo and the entire Liberal Party. With Sen. Marcos’ objection on the election results, the presidential and vice presidential proclamations might be put on hold.

    As they say, there’s no thing such as an easy win. Just like Leni Roberedo’s present situation. The 263,000 vote lead over Marcos is an indication of a tight and rough road that she’s taking. Even getting a cabinet position is not an easy thing to do for her.

    --Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express
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