Comelec's PiliPinas Election Results 2016 website now up

    MANILA, Philippines - The Commission on Elections (Comelec) officially announced on Sunday, the election results website for the 2016 general polls on Monday, May 9.

    Comelec's public website where you can see the election results now available.
    Comelec's public website where you can see the election results now available.
    "Precinct results and canvassing results for the 2016 National, Local and ARMM Regional Elections will be available after closing time on election day," the website stated.

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    Comelec spokesperson Director James Jimenez said that the website will also reflect the certificates of canvass transmitted to the poll body's central server coming from more than 90,000 polling precincts nationwide.

    Check out the latest election results on precinct level here: www.pilipinaselectionresults2016.com.

    "It can be viewed in most computer and mobile phones," Comelec said.


    The public site will show electoral information through three different views:

    1. Transmissions received
    2. Election returns by geography
    3. Certificate of canvass by geography

    “The ERs contain all the results from the president down to the last candidate. Which means, we can already total them even if we would not announce it,” Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez said in a press briefing.

    Asked about the possible hacking, Jimenez added that the central server was deployed in an isolated environment with high security standards and state of the art platform and able to refresh the information in short period of time, as results are received.

    Jimenez also clarified that the website will not be providing an overall total number of votes as well as ranking among candidates to safeguard against trending and intrigues.

    “There will be totals for the votes received for that particular precinct only but not for the whole thing,” Jimenez said.

    The public will be informed also the actual percentage of certificates of canvass counted by the Comelec through the said website.

    Note: The Summit Express will provide on this website the partial and unofficial Comelec election results (president, vice president and senators) immediately once available online.

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