Alma Concepcion reveals eyewitness account of Forever Summer concert

MANILA, Philippines - Through a Facebook post, beauty-queen actress Alma Concepcion, who was among the thousands of concert-goers of the Closeup Forever Summer event on Satuday, May 21 at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, has shared her eyewitness account of the tragedy.

Alma Concepcion
Concepcion, who decided to accompany her teenage son to the event, noticed something strange among concert goers. PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Alma Concepcion

At least five individuals died including Ariel Leal, 22, Lance Garcia, 36, Ken Migawa, 18, Bianca Fontejon, and Eric Anthony Miller, 33 after having breathing difficulties inside the concert venue. Based on the initial findings of the National Bureau of Investigation, Fontejon and Garcia suffered from massive heart attacks due to high blood pressure, dehydration, and kidney failure which are indicators of drug overdose. The NBI Chemical Forensics Division is yet to identify the specific drugs the victims could have taken during the event.

In a lengthy Facebook post, she wrote: “I saw the teenagers dancing, wearing shades, masks, chewing gums they came in prepared with all the props. Masks, inhalers, lights , shades, bandanna to cover face. They dont look like first timers in taking ecstacy.”

A group of teens in front of them allegedly danced for more than an hour without holding any alcohol.

“Obviously they weren’t on JUST alcohol.. their eyes were rolling, teeth grinding, & they were dancing non stop for the whole hour (or more than). No liquids,” Concepcion wrote.

Girl captures “high” party-goers on video at 'Closeup Forever Summer'

The 40-year-old actress then noticed that a girl from the group suddenly collapsed in front of them. Concepcion approached the group and told them to get help from the medics.

“Her eyes were still open, when she hugged the guy, i noticed something wrong.. her hands became stiff. I approached them and told their group to go to the medics. Simultaneously, Atty. Py called a security to the scene. As the bf was trying to carry the girl, I saw her legs stiffen together with the arms. We hoped on our way home that she's ok,” Concepcion recounted.

“We found out today that a teenage girl, #BiancaFontejon died from the event last night. I hope she’s not the same girl,” Concepcion added.

Here’s her full Facebook post.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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