LOOK: Pinay working mom allegedly shames stay-at-home moms

MANILA, Philippines- A series of Facebook posts allegedly made by a working mom has earned the flak of netizens particularly stay-at-home moms. The netizen identified as Mymy M. apparently shamed mothers who chose to stay home to take care of their family rather than prioritize their careers.

Pinay working mom allegedly shames stay-at-home moms

In a series of Facebook posts, Mymy said working moms are better than stay-at-home moms or plain housewives, whom she accused of not having dignity and purpose. The working mom insisted that having a livelihood is the most crucial role of mothers in the family, particularly single moms. She also labeled stay-at-home moms as freeloaders.

“Ang pagiging non-working mom ay choice ng mga babaeng walang kwenta at gusto lang makalibre ng board and lodging,” she wrote.

(Being a non-working mom is a choice of women who don’t have a purpose and are freeloaders.)

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In another post, Mymy insisted that stay-at-home parents can be easily replaced by maids and babysitters and are not a loss to the family if they die early unlike breadwinners. She even likened caring for the family to cooking. According to her, even if you have the cooking skills but don’t have the money to buy ingredients, you can’t come up with a good meal.

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Through another post, Mymy also revealed that although she lacked the time to help her kids in their homework because she needed to work, all of her children were honor students including a valedictorian and a cum laude.

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Mymy wrote: “Kahit p*ta o kriminal mas may dangal kesa sa plain housewife o house husband. Kasi di madaling sayo nakasalalay sikmura at kinabukasan ng mga anak.”

(Even prostitutes or criminals have more dignity than a plain housewife or house husband. Because it’s not easy if your kid’s future relies on you.)

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More shockingly, Mymy revealed that she can just throw away her husband since she was able to bring more money to their marriage compared to him.

After screenshots of Mymy’s alleged posts made rounds on social media, numerous stay-at-home moms defended themselves and even shared the difficulties stay-at-home moms face everyday. Several working moms also came to defense of stay-at-home moms, saying that the latter’s job is more challenging than theirs.

Through one of the comments, a netizen revealed that Mymy is also running for a certain political seat this coming May elections. --Mini, The Summit Express

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