WATCH: Preschooler accidentally gets dragged down by an escalator

MANILA, Philippines – For the past months, videos of bizarre escalator catastrophes frightened plenty of parents especially in China. There are cases that children got injured or even died after getting crushed and severed by the escalator machineries. On Tuesday, April 5, 2016, a viral video taken by a local mall CCTV showing a preschooler, left unattended by his parents, had a very terrifying and heart-stopping escalator accident.

Preschooler accidentally gets dragged down by an escalator

The 51-seconder video displays a wide-bodied man, who’s probably the father of the victim was busy minding something in a department store and left his son all alone. The boy, who was obviously not interested in his dad’s business, was fascinated by the fast-moving rubber handrails of the escalator. Amazed by it, the kid had decided to play, placed his left and right hands on the handrail, pulled it back and forth. But lo and behold, the poor boy lost his hand control and was completely overpowered by the force of the escalator. He quickly got dragged down with his whole body on top of the rubber railing.

BABALA po ito sa lahat ng magulang na may kasamang bata kapag nasa mall kayo, hawakan at bantayan nyo po ang inyong mga anak na bata at iwasang mag-isa sa escalator upang hindi matulad dito.. paki share na lang po..
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Angels are everywhere.

While the boy was on his way down and in danger of falling hard to the concrete and tiled lower floor, the security guard on duty, out of nowhere rushed to the boy’s rescue followed by the father all the way to the lower ground. At the end of the video, it looks like the boy was safely recovered as the people around them who hurried towards them in order to see the accident went back where they were.

Majority of the netizens who had seen the video, put the blame on the boy’s parents because obviously it’s not a machine error but merely a human error. As guardians, we are always responsible for our children’s safety whether at home or in public places. Yes, there will be security personnel in business establishments and at parks, but leaving our kids all by themselves is really a no-brainer. They’re young, they’re curious almost about anything and we must always anticipate the perils that might come along the way anywhere and anytime. It is not only killer and terrifying escalators that we should be worried about, let us also put in our minds the lawless criminals targeting children for their personal gains.

This is not the only incident that a kid got involved in an escalator fiasco. We’ve seen this over and over again, perhaps, hundreds of times online. We should have learned our lessons already. Always keep an eye on our little ones is the best way to prevent misfortunes for we really can’t predict what will happen if we blink our eyes. It really pays to lock sight on our children. It will surely keep them from any harm.

Should mishaps like this happen, always get the attention of the crowd especially the marshalls for help. In case that the child is severely injured, ask the establishment staff to call their in-house medics for first aid and further medical assistance.

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