LOOK: Netizen reveals Duterte-Cayetano’s strategy to eradicate crime, corruption in 3 to 6 months

MANILA, Philippines- A certain Eric Clark Su has revealed the supposed plan of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano for the eradication of crime and corruption in just 3 to 6 months should they win the national elections.

Netizen shares the tandem’s supposed masterplan.
Netizen shares the tandem’s supposed masterplan.
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Duterte-Cayetano
Through a note shared on Facebook on Monday, April 11, Su shared how the DuCay plan will work based on three different sources.

According to Su, eradication is the tandem’s aspirational goal yet their realistic aim is suppression. The mission will consist of three phases including intelligence gathering, rapid legal case building and arrests.

Although Duterte and Cayetano have not been elected president and vice president, respectively, Su claimed that intelligence gathering had begun last year. Once Duterte becomes the president of the country, intelligence gathering, which is modelled loosely on the prisoner’s dilemma, will gain a rapid component through executive order. The process is expected to finish in a matter of two to three weeks and a short list of critical targets must be the final output.

A sizeable team of lawyers and paralegal will be involved in the next phase. Su stressed that both Duterte and Cayetano are lawyers in good standing and that they already have “eager idealistic lawyer leaders” who will be recruited once the operation starts. Legal case building is expected to come up with actionable outputs in 2 to 3 months. Middle-rung people with concrete evidence pointing to the top of the management are the early targets of this operation. Scaring the boss or the management to flee the country is the main goal of legal case building. Otherwise, they will be killed in the third phase of the operation.

In the third phase, which will involve executions, warrants will be issued along with arrests done within a tight schedule. Depending on the case, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) will be involved.

He wrote: “Some of the targets will resist arrest, Duterte will direct the executors to defend their lives. Duterte guarantees legal protection and full support should they need to eliminate the bad elements to avoid casualties on the police / military side.”

No incentives will be given but there will be a possible salary hike as reward for a successful mission.

Furthermore, Su said that Cayetano’s job is to isolate the plan from politics, help develop the legal component and weave out the aftermath of the batches of arrest. In case Cayetano doesn’t win the vice presidential race, Duterte will appoint him to do the job.

The DuCay tandem is confident that the operation will work since it has been done numerous times in Davao City.

“The goal is not eradication but to form a battlefront with a bi-annual tick-tock of hitting crime and corruption, buy time to strengthen components against crime and corruption, hit crime and corruption again, improve another component of government, rinse and repeat until crime is so low people can walk in the streets without worry.”

Interestingly, drug addicts will be given a free rehabilitation program and a monthly allowance of around P4,000.

Moreover, other aspects that will help support the mission include: nationwide 911 system, heavy reliance on embedded agents like tricycle drivers and street vendors, more CCTVs in Metro Manila, doubling of police salary, proper use of intelligence funds, upgraded crime labs, and to make prisons more miserable.

Read Su’s note here.

Duterte masterplan 3 to 6 months
Duterte masterplan 3 to 6 months
Duterte masterplan 3 to 6 months

- Mini, The Summit Express


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